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Tae Kwon Do Programs


Our club can guarantee you quality certified training that will keep you in peek shape as well as teach you necessary skills for self defense. Comprehensive first-rate and modern Taekwondo instruction in a friendly, supportive community

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Kick Boxing Programs


Kickboxing is a fighting concept derived from traditional Martial Arts and Boxing. While traditional kickboxing is the foundation, we've added other disciplines to enhance our program. Stay tuned as we add our newest Kick Boxing program - Fierce4Fight®. Everyone trains at their own pace. Be warned, however, it is an intense & effective calorie burning regimen.

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Personal Training


Individual and duet personal training sessions are offered by Personal Trainer, Dennis Goldsmith. He has several certifications including National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and The American Council on Exercise (ACE) and Sports Nutrition and Body Composition.

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We provide several martial arts and movement programs to enhance you body, mind, and spirit:


“This is your body and it is too important to leave up to improvisation. I believe in results by design and not by accident. To meet your fitness goals and improve your quality of life is my mantra."

Dennis Goldsmith
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